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Get the Most Out of Your Images

September 2014

Tony DeCarloMany of our clients ask us about the print quality and resolution of their images. Images are used in a variety of ways and not all images will look their best if special attention is not paid to the way they will  be used. For instance, an image that was used on the web at 72 DPI will not look good in print at 300 DPI. This month, we offer tips on getting the best results for your images.

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Image Resolution, Quality and Size

Here are a few tips to follow to get the most out of your images in print and on the web:

Image Resolution

Image resolution is also referred to as "DPI" (dots per inch). It tells us how many dots or pixels a digital image contains per inch. The more dots per inch, the higher the detail and quality of the photo, and the larger file size. Different type of output devices require different types of resolution. Always discuss the DPI requirements of your project with your printer or graphic designer if you are unsure of the DPI requirements. If you are going to use a variety of devices, it's best to create your images as high as possible, around 300 DPI as a starting point.

Image Quality and Size

Is it okay to attempt to res-up an image to 300 DPI?
If your original image is less than 300 DPI and will be used at 100 percent or more, increasing the resolution up to 300 DPI will generally degrade the photo and make it look pixellated or blurry.

What about downsizing?

If you have a good quality image that is a lower resolution but is large in dimensional size, then it will generally be okay to increase the resolution while you are downsizing, as long as the image will be used at a much smaller size. It is always better to down-size an image versus up-sizing. The example below demonstrates two ways to get a good print result at 300 DPI for a photo:

  1. A 3x5 photo at 300 DPI is used at 100 percent.
  2. An 8.5 x 11 photo at 72 DPI is reduced 50 percent while the resolution is increased to 300 DPI.

Click here for tips on getting the best results for your images.

DeCarlo Studios Designs Website for TKDI Forensic Engineering

A simple website that can be expanded as the company grows.

Our client, Kiet Nguyen, came to DeCarlo Studios with a very clear idea of what he wanted for his website. He wanted a clean, plain, simple, and straightforward design that featured his main services with a structure that he could expand upon as his company grew. TKDI Forensic Engineering specializes in engineering investigations, damage assessment and mitigation, property restoration solutions and expert testimony.

The ability to use a form on his website was an important feature to our client, so we set up his website with a module for "Forms" which allows him to capture information filled out in a form to be exported and used in a separate spreadsheet program.

Our client was so happy with our website work that he also contracted us to finalize his logo design idea, create business cards, a golf sign, signage for his truck, and a brochure!

Check out the website at:






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