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November 2014

Tony DeCarloThis month we will share our knowledge about buyer's personas: what they are, why it's important to have one, what to do with it and, most importantly – HOW TO CREATE ONE!

We'd also like to wish our clients, families and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday - we are truly blessed to have you all in our lives!

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Simple Steps to Create a Buyer's Persona for Your Business

What is a Buyer's Persona?

Buyers personas are a crucial part of marketing. What is a buyers persona? It is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Think of it as writing a short story all about your perfect, dream customer. It's a mix of real data and a little creative speculation in a fun, informative story format.

What are the Benefits of Having a Buyer's Persona?

Once you know everything about your dream customer and have created a buyer's persona, you will have a roadmap for targeting all of your marketing. You will be working smarter, creating better marketing, and connecting more directly with your customers. This will naturally create a higher success rate in your campaigns. You will become their trusted go-to source for information and assistance because you know their values and needs, and you have the answers to their problems. Many companies have multiple buyer personas to target different clients.

What Do I Do With My Buyer's Persona?

Once you have your buyer's persona, use it as a basis for all of your marketing! Create amazing content for your blogs, e-newsletters, social marketing, special offers, website content, ads, flyers and more – all geared to your dream customer, who will be impressed with your knowledge and bring you business.

We Can Help You Get Started!

Need some help getting started? We have created a buyer's persona template to walk you through the process. This template is a simple step by step guide to creating a buyer's persona to help you target your best clients.

The Buyers Persona template contains:

  • A step-by-step guide
  • Simple questions to answer
  • Fill in the blank simplicity
  • A sample persona for reference
Read more about how to research and create a buyer's persona here ...
Marion Construction Inc Ad by DeCarlo Studios

DeCarlo Studios Designs Ad for Marion Construction, Inc.

Here is an ad design we created for Marion Construction, Inc., which appeared in the Washington Business Journal. Marion Construction, Inc. builds a sustainable future through strong leadership, active management and a commitment to green building practices.

Capturing the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Here is a link to some classic Saturday Evening Post artwork covers that capture the spirit of Thanksgiving including this one, "Freedom From Want" by Norman Rockwell.




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