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May 2014

Tony DeCarloVolunteering leaves you with a wonderful feeling inside. The feeling that you have made a difference in making life better for others and that you are helping to make the world a better place. Sometimes we are on the giving end and sometimes we are on the receiving end. This give and take relationship forms strong community bonds and with a little effort form a lot of people working together, great things can be accomplished.

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Raising Money For Children With Leukemia

DeCarlo Studios assists Studio M Photography at the 2014 Brian Orakpo Leukemia Golf Classic

Every year Brian Orakpo raises money for children with leukemia – this year he raised $397,000 (that's $72,000 more than last year)! DeCarlo Studios assisted Studio M Photography at the event last month at Trump National Golf Club. Studio M Photography handled all of the photography, and DeCarlo Studios handled the retouching and printing. DeCarlo Studios is proud to support such a wonderful cause every year!

“We're raising a lot of money for this great cause, and I'm just excited for another opportunity, another year of success, and hopefully we continue to move forward.”  – Brian Orakpo

Pictured L to R: Brian Orakpo, Brian Weiser (volunteer), Brooke Howells-Weiser (volunteer), and Colt McCoy.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Making a difference in yourself and your community


Meeting New People

Many lifelong friendships are formed while performing volunteer work. The people that you meet can be a great source of inspiration. Some of these people may even turn into important networking contacts in the future.

Improve Your Health

Changing the focus of your thoughts to other people can help relieve depression. It builds your self-esteem and self-confidence. It's also a way to express thanks for help you may have received during a similar situation. In giving back, we help others learn from our experiences too.

Making a Difference

All it takes is a small step. To you it may be something minuscule, but to another person it may mean the world. One small, kind gesture can change the course of another person's life for the better. When seemingly small tasks are multiplied by many people, great things can be accomplished.

Volunteering is Contagious

When people are volunteering and working together, it encourages others to do the same. When children see their parents volunteering, chances are that they will volunteer too when they become adults.

Places to Volunteer

  1. Help an elderly neighbor shovel their snow or mow their lawn. Offer to pick up groceries for them next time you shop.
  2. Schools – it can be as simple as reading to a child.
  3. Planned community events.
  4. Larger-scale charity events.
  5. Food banks, soup kitchens, libraries, hospitals, churches and animal shelters.





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