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"WOW" the Client and Get a Testimonial

June 2014

Tony DeCarlo"There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for."
— Milton Glaser

Testimonials are a powerful way to drive in new business. At DeCarlo Studios, we aim to "WOW" our clients on every project. And we ask for testimonials from our clients to support our marketing materials on the web and in print. We suggest that our clients get testimonials for their marketing too. But many of our clients tell us that they have difficulties getting testimonials or aren't sure where to get started. So this month we offer some helpful suggestions.

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Generate Selling Power with Testimonials

A Powerful Way to Bring in New Business

Testimonials help generate sales in your printed and online marketing materials. They build trust, offer unbiased opinions, and have the power to persuade a customer who is on the fence about a sale.

Testimonial Formats

Written testimonials are excellent. They are full of rich keywords which will improve your website's SEO and are also a great addition to all of your printed materials. Video testimonials are great too. They are more personal and people connect with them.

What Makes an Effective Testimonial?

A great testimonial is written by a customer in your target buyer's persona, has actual facts and figures, and is very specific about what your product or service can do for others.

How to Get Testimonials from Your Customers

  • Send an e-mail survey after the completion of a service or sale.
  • E-mail or call the client to request a testimonial.
  • If the customer expressed their satisfaction verbally or in an e-mail, ask their permission to use their comments in your company's marketing.
  • Bring a brief, written survey form with you to the point of service  and ask the customer if they would mind taking a few minutes to fill out a quick survey.
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DeCarlo Studios Creates Website for Dessia Crawmer, LCSW

New Book Features Artwork by Disney Illustrator Corey Wolfe

This was a really fun website to design and produce – it is pink, pretty, princessy and features Sophie! Check out the website at: http://www.dessiacrawmer.com

Our client, Dessia Crawmer is a fully licensed LCSW Clinical Psychotherapist
who has a passion for using the best therapeutic techniques to help clients emotionally heal and reach a state of wholeness in their lives. Dessia has recently published a children's book which teaches the principles of resilience to children and features amazing illustrations by Disney illustrator Corey Wolfe. The book is based on Dessia's own lovable Pekingese dog, "Sophie". Dessia's dream is to use her Pink Nose Princess Sophie book series to charm the hearts of children as they read the enchanting tales. She would like her book series to encourage children to believe in themselves so that they can thrive in challenging life situations. In the back of each book a note to parents is included which addresses the skill being presented with practical guidelines for parents.
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