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Logo Design Basics

August 2014

Tony DeCarloThis month we will explore what makes a great logo design. Your company logo is a visual representation of your business and it should not only be well designed, but it should also convey your core identity.

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What Makes a Great Logo Design?

A Great Logo is a Strong Visual Representation of Your Company

Your company logo needs to personify who you are as a business. It will often be the first thing that people see in your marketing and it is the centerpiece of your company's image and branding. It will be the connecting force between you and your clients so it's important to carefully think through what you want your logo to look like. The best logos are simple and memorable. They do not need a lot of detail. Some logos are simply words, and others have graphics along with them. A lot of research should be done to make sure that your logo design reaches your target audience. Take into consideration not only your company's image but also your buyer's age group and preferences – this will help set the style for your logo design.

A Great Logo is Technically and Graphically Strong

A logo should be scalable to many different sizes without losing quality. For this reason, logos in vector format work best. The special effects you can achieve in Adobe Photoshop may be tempting, but a Photoshop file is only a photo and it may become pixellated when enlarged and will not look professional. Your logo will be used in many different ways and different sizes. Small lines and shapes can disappear or fill in when the logo is reduced to a small size, so it must be designed with this in consideration.

Looks Great in Black and White and Color
We feel that any great logo design must first look great and stand strong in black and white. We start all of our designs in black and white, and work in color only once a final design is approved. The colors selected should evoke the proper emotions to personify your business. For example, red is exciting and bold; while blues are calming. A simple and effective logo design in black and white or color should be easy to reproduce in many forms of print.

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DeCarlo Studios Designs Website for Hall Kern

Hall Kern, founder of the Original Reston Farm Market, wanted to create a website where he could share the history of his Original Reston Farm Market through words and photos as a scrapbook of wonderful memories for the people who visited and were employed by the market. This website includes an interactive gallery of more than 275 images, where users can view images at a popup large scale and also subscribe to add comments to the photos.

The Original Reston Farm Market thrived with a continuous growth for 23 years, until suburban development and and restrictive demands for downsizing by the Fairfax County Zoning Department forced its closure. Have you lived in the Northern Virginia area for some time now? Maybe you remember the market ... check out the site at www.restonfarmmarket.com.

This is a great quote by Pierre Bonnard that summarizes our feelings about logo design: a logo must always be strong in black and white first. Color reinforces the design and evokes emotion.




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