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Time to Recharge for Your Business

August 2015

Tony DeCarloTaking a break from your work is important to clear your mind and refresh your creativity so you can perform your best. The summer season provides lots of opportunities to get out of your normal routine and enjoy the outdoors. The end of summer, however, often brings some feelings of sadness. This month we offer a few suggestions to enjoy the last days of summer so that you are energized for your business going into the fall!

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7 Ways to Cheer Up About Summer Ending

Beat the End of Summer Blues

The official last day of the 2015 summer season is September 23rd, but for most of us Labor Day signals the end of summer. Does the thought of summer ending leave you feeling blue? Let's enjoy these last days of summer so that we can head into the fall season recharged and ready to perform our best for our businesses. Here are 7 ways to cheer yourself up at the end of summer!
  1. Take one last trip to the pool, lake or beach. Pack a picnic and enjoy the day.
  2. Go on a long bike ride or walk in a park. Breathe in the fresh air.
  3. Have an outdoor movie night or camp out in the backyard.
  4. Make homemade smoothies or ice cream.
  5. Go barefoot and read a book.
  6. Shop some end of season summer sales.
  7. Go to an amusement park.
Maybe your favorite seasons are fall or winter? In any case, with a little rest and relaxation, we can head back to work energized to market and grow our businesses!
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The Hibiscus Flower

A Symbol of Summer

Nothing says "Summer" like a great big Hibiscus flower. This flower is often used in summery art and clothing patterns and designs. The Hibiscus flower comes in a variety of colors, but this pink one is our favorite!

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