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Small Ideas, Big Results

July 2015

Tony DeCarloThe summer months can be a slower time for many businesses, depending on your field. Take advantage of this time by making small improvements to your website and marketing that have big returns.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website and Marketing Over the Summer

Do you have a little summer down time in your business, or was it on your vision board to make some marketing improvements over the summer months? Here are 5 easy ways to make huge improvements in your marketing!
  1. Add value to your website by adding videos, PDFs or brochures about your business.
  2. Keep your website looking professional by reviewing your website and removing any outdated content. Update it with new, fresh content.
  3. Research your SEO results and look for ways to improve your website traffic or find ways to take advantage of your high traffic areas.
  4. Update your social media. Create a schedule for your social media marketing and stick to it.
  5. Prepare some blog posts and create a stock pile of information that you can pull from when you are busy. Post a few blogs now.
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Need Tips on Building Your Social Media Presence?

"The Boss" understands that consistency and planning are keys to success! It's important to keep up with your social media on a regular basis to build and maintain your audience.

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