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Facebook Marketing Tips from Cheers

May 2015

Tony DeCarloRemember the 80s sitcom, Cheers? Norm Peterson used to walk into the bar and everyone yelled "Norm"! Facebook is a lot like Cheers. It's a place to take a break from your worries, visit with your friends, and it's a place where everybody knows your name. Facebook can be a great marketing tool for your business. This month we offer a few Facebook tips for businesses.

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Comparing Cheers Reruns With Facebook Marketing

You Wanna Be Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Lately we have been watching reruns of the hit television sitcom from the 80s, "Cheers" . We have noticed that Facebook marketing is a lot like walking into Cheers. It's a place where your friends gather, you share stories of the day, and "everybody knows your name". Facebook is a marketing tool where your personality can really shine through and your customers can connect with you on a more personal level. Add a touch of humor and some inspiring imagery, and soon customers will be flocking to your website, eager to find out more about your business.

What Should You Post on Your Business Facebook Page?

Make sure you have a variety of posts. Here are a few ideas:
  • Share what inspires you about your business.
  • Feature your employees doing a great job at work.
  • Add quotes related to your business.
  • Share charitable causes in which you participate.
  • Announce special offers and promotions.
  • Highlight some of your latest projects.
  • Share fun photos from around the office.
  • Answer your customers' top questions.

Right now, we're watching the early episodes of Cheers. As the seasons progress, we will see new faces and experience new dynamics in the characters' interactions. In the same way, Facebook is evolving and styles are changing. Remember to post consistently and have fun!

Cheers, and happy posting!

How to Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers ...

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